If you’re having terrible pain, and you’re being told that surgery is the next necessary step, be aware that there’s an alternative to surgery that has led to very positive outcomes for patients.  Stem cell therapy is a relatively new advancement in medicine that helps many people avoid surgical intervention.

A typical surgical procedure involves much more than just “going under the knife”.  Patients have to contend with anesthesia, which has its own risks, a potential hospital stay, rehabilitation or physical therapy, and risk of infection and blood clots afterwards.  With a knee replacement procedure, for example, you can even have nerves injured from pressure or swelling after surgery, causing numbness.  A knee surgery patient must also be careful to avoid stairs and enthusiastic pets for awhile, to avoid falling and re-injuring the knee.

Stem cell therapy is a rapidly advancing technique that helps patients avoid surgery in many cases.  Whether the pain is in your knee, your back, your arm, your ankle, or anywhere else in your body, it’s worth a consultation to see if this therapy can help you.

Stem cells have the potential to cure many human diseases; since they are embryonic and not yet specialized, they can become any type of cell in the human body.  They are regenerative, which means they can provide live cells for self-repair of nerves, tissue, and cartilage.

Dr. Jill Howe offers stem cell therapy to her patients, and has even been a patient herself.  After undergoing a traumatic ankle surgery that made her pain worse, she tried stem cell injections.  Over time, she developed healthy tissue in the damaged area that has eliminated all the pain in her foot.  Her personal success, and the successes of her many patients, continue to drive her in her quest to inform and help as many current and potential patients as possible.  For more information, please contact:


Dr. Jill Howe

Wellness Institute of Illinois