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Baltimore Ravens

Old Pro Gose | Union Craft Brewing, Maryland

Old Pro Gose by Union Craft Brewing is a German-style wheat beer for serious summer thirst quenching. A golden color and peach & citrus nose is followed by a prickly mouthfeel that leaves a gentle tartness and a dash of salt on the palate. A perennial defensive powerhouse like the Ravens would be well served to land such a pro and shore up a D in need.

IBU: 10 • ABV: 4.2%


Buffalo Bills

Mash-Tun Time Machine, Imperial Wit | Resurgence Brewing Company,

If any NFL team wishes they had access to a time machine, the Buffalo Bills might deserve it most. The Mash-Tun Time Machine by Resurgence Brewing Company is a wonderful Imperial Wit that drinks incredibly smooth. Look for notes of citrus in this big-bodied beer with compliments of malt sweetness and a slight spice. Bills fans, if you're not sure where to go, how about 1990-1993?

ABV: 10%


Cincinnati Bengals

Lift Kolsch | MadTree Brewing, Cincinnati

The Bengals will be looking to pick up talent along their lines and when they take a break after the 9th pick, they can enjoy a big helping of hops in this crisp refreshing beer with a hint of orange that will lift spirits without lowering your expectations. With deep German roots in the city, this Kolsch is a classic.

ABV: 4.7% • IBU: 11


Cleveland Browns

Turntable Pilsner | Great Lakes Brewing Co., Cleveland

While the Cleveland Browns may be the poster child for consistent struggles and unlucky draft picks of late, Great Lakes Brewing Co. has consistently been putting out world-class craft beer since 1986. Their Turntable Pils offers an Earthy, fresh hop aroma with a smooth, balanced malt groove. This is a perfect drink to prepare for the draft and (maybe more importantly) to consume after the choices are made.

ABV: 5.3% • IBU: 35


Denver Broncos

Hop Abomination, IPA | Drydock Brewing, Aurora, CO

This incredibly hoppy IPA delivers massive amounts of floral, citrus and tropical hop flavors amid its deep golden hues. This is a bitterness that is far more enjoyable than the feelings stirred up by a Brock Osweiler departure or Northwestern QB arrival. Picking at 20, there will be plenty of time to enjoy several Hop Abominations.

ABV: 6.5% • IBU: 70


Houston Texans

Radar Love, Hefeweizen | Under the Radar Brewery, Houston

Who doesn't need a quarterback these days? True, but who doesn't also need a little love? A backbone of wheat and pilsner malts, finished with magnum hops, Radar Love is uncommon and lighter than a traditional hefeweizen. This is uncommon fun, not unlike watching JJ Watt catch a pass in the end zone. Any chance he can throw it, too?

ABV: 5.2%


Indianapolis Colts

Confessional IPA | St. Joseph Brewery, Indianapolis

New Colts General Manager Chris Ballard made his own confession when he said with little doubt that he wants to build the football team's fronts. St. Joseph Brewery's Confessional IPA takes a similar route in avoiding any doubt that this is an IPA with deep commitment. From its amber color and lightly toasted malt and floral hop to its long bitter aftertaste, this is an American IPA that doesn't hold back anything.

ABV: 6.3%


Jacksonville Jaguars

Mad Manatee IPA | Bold City Brewery, Jacksonville

This IPA is as fun as its name. Everyone knows manatees are the most unaggressive of the Earth's creatures and, based on their record last year, the Jaguars offense was a lot like the manatee. Enter this outstanding Bold City Brewery creation that will save the day – and maybe the month. This IPA is American through and through, loaded with high alpha acid hop varieties and delivering an aroma of citrus and floral fineness.

ABV: 5% • IBU: 60


Kansas City Chiefs

Skeptic Red Strong Ale, Imperial Red | Big Rip Brewing Co., North Kansas City

This Northwest-Style Imperial Red delivers all the expected flavor with a woody, piney and citrusy front while playing against the lush backdrop of a blend of mixed character malts. The perfect mate for a high-offense Chief team, this is not the beer where everyone drink each time the home team scores!

ABV: 9.3% • IBU: 32


Los Angeles Chargers

Easy Jack Session IPA | Firestone Walker Brewing Co., Pasa Robles, CA

Session IPAs are for the discerning beer drinker who has time and patience. LA Charger fans, in need of a lot more wins, likely will have neither when it comes to this year's draft. Easy Jack is brewed and dry hopped with a selection of new hop varieties that its brewer describes as originating from Germany, New Zealand and North America. Enjoy massive hop aromas, rich dimension and a signature malt balance that is worthy of every drop.

ABV: 4.5% • IBU: 50


Las Vegas Raiders

Dark Angel, Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout | Banger Brewing Co., Las Vegas

The really great thing about Dark Angel, other than its name being a perfect fit for the loyal Raiders fans, is the seven months this stout spends in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels before making a debut. Bourbon flavor is subtle while the finish is rich, complex and sweet. After heartbreak in the playoffs following QB Derek Carr's injury, this 2017 draft signifies real change for the Raiders, though we can only hope they maintain their Dark Angel persona in the Vegas desert.

ABV: 8.5% • IBU: 68


Miami Dolphins

Magic City Pale Ale | Wynwood Brewing Company, Miami

A family-owned ale house with a commitment to the art of craft brew, Wynwood Brewing Co. delivers Magic City Pale Ale as a foil to its in-house IPA. A balanced American Pale Ale brewed with Amarillo hops give this beer an excellent balance between the hop character and malt backbone. Look for a nice aroma with hits of malt sweetness, and a light to medium body. Picking at 22 this year, the Dolphins must make their pick count at linebacker or cornerback.

ABV: 5.6% • IBU: 36


New England Patriots

Broken Angel Belgian Strong Pale Ale | Trillium Brewing Company, Boston

While it might be far too easy to draw a literary line from Patriots QB Tom Brady and the name Fallen Angel Belgian Strong Pale Ale, it would be unfit given the commitment it takes to pull off such an amazing Pale Ale (and 5 Super Bowl wins). Boston is a city deserving of this frothy light golden creation featuring white pepper, clove and banana notes, a bright, earthy palate and balanced with spice and a dry effervescent finish.

ABV: 9%


New York Jets

Sorachi Ace Saison | Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn

Josh McCown may be the uncommon face of the new Jets, but being 'uncommon' can be a huge benefit. Take Brooklyn Brewery's distinct Sorachi Ace Saison. Featuring the Japanese Sorachi Hop, this classic saison is unfiltered golden farmhouse ale, offers a clean malt flavor and a quirky lemony hop signature out front. The Jets 6th pick is no ace – but this Brooklyn Brewery ace will do just fine.

ABV: 7.2%


Pittsburgh Steelers

2X Stout (double milk stout) | Southern Tier Brewing Co.,

Picking at 30, the Steelers are going to be looking for inside and outside linebackers and no beer in the Iron City is bigger and bolder than Southern Tier's 2X Stout. This beautiful, dark, double milk stout features very light carbonation with roasted malts, coffee and a faintly creamy nose. The light sweetness only gives way to the chocolaty and dry malt aftertaste. Bold flavor worthy of a Steelers team.

ABV: 7.5%


Tennessee Titans

W.A.C American Pale Ale | Fat Bottom Brewing, Nashville

While Fat Bottom's W.A.C. is dedicated to the military, the same term could be used to describe a Titans franchise that has had to overcome some huge peaks and valleys. Luckily, they have two picks in the first round and should be celebrating with a keg of this American Pale Ale. Blending a smooth malt base with a clean body that combines Warrior, Azacca and Citra hops, this Fat Bottom girl is anything but WAC.

ABV: 5.3% • IBU: 31



Kilt Lifter Scottish-Style Ale | Four Peaks Brewing Co., Tempe

This Scottish-style ale ages three months to a year in bourbon barrels before being expertly blended to deliver a full-bodied malty sweetness and deep amber color, not unlike the Cardinals' red jersey. Featuring caramel and roasted barley, it finishes clean with a dry touch of vanilla and toffee flavors.

ABV: 8.5% • IBU: 21



Red Headed Haley, Amber/Red Ale | Eventide Brewing, Atlanta

No characteristic represents last year's Super Bowl runner-up more than speed and deep talent and no Atlanta beer matches best more than Red Headed Haley. This Amber Ale starts with a medium-high carbonation that adds some initial 'pop' to the caramel sweetness with soft hints of pecan and toffee. This is a classic malty, delicious Red that like the Cardinals is perfect for fall-winter season.

ABV: 5.3%



Golden Boy Blonde Ale | Triple C Brewing Co., Charlotte

Cam Newton's season was less than stellar, but the Panthers' 'golden boy' should rebound just fine. Pairing him with Triple C Brewing Company's Golden Boy Blonde Ale is easy when you see the similarities in performance. The burly Mt. Hood hop signature easily busts through the golden color and toasted malt flavor to deliver a wonderful and predictable summer go-to beer.

ABV: 4.5% • IBU: 23



Daisy Cutter Pale Ale | Half Acre Beer Co., Chicago

The Daisy Cutter's tall, silver pint can has become as much a signature of its greatness as the Bear's silver-ship stadium exterior is of its mediocrity. The Bears pick at three this year and there's high hope in the Windy City for greatness again. Half Acre describes their core beer as being dank and featuring blended pine, citrus, papaya and mango. A lingering finish is obscenely dry.

ABV: 5.2%



Velvet Hammer, American Strong Ale | Peticolas Brewing Co., Dallas

While the Cowboys will pick at 28, their running back Ezekiel Elliott has made them instantly competitive at the highest level. Not unlike Elliot's style, Peticolas Brewing's Velvet Hammer is smooth but hits you like the proverbial hammer. This ruby reddish-brown ale is malt-forward with elements of caramel and the sweetness of light brown sugar, balanced nicely by a combination of floral hops and a noticeable alcohol bite.

ABV: 9.0%



Hopslam, Imperial IPA | Bell's Brewing Co., Galesberg, MI

The Lions pick at 21 and need lots of 'D' to get back to the playoffs. Bells Hopslam has 'D' as in Drinkability – maybe to a fault. Featuring six different hop varieties, Hopslam is one of the country's best Imperial IPAs. A massive dry-hop of Simcoe adds to the experience. Chosen for their aromatic quality, this hop mix offers a blend of grapefruit, stone fruit, and huge floral notes. Honey balances out the edge to deliver a remarkably drinkable Imperial IPA.

ABV: 10% • IBU: 70



Moon Man, No Coast Pale Ale | New Glarus Brewing Co., New Glarus, WI

New Glarus describes their Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale as being 'a seriously cool cat.' Sounds a lot like Aaron Rodgers, whose team needs to draft on both sides of the line this year. Moon Man Pale Ale is a bright, bold blend of five hops that engage a smooth, malty backside. Bold and engaging without pretense, because this pale ale has 'No Coast' – it is home to everyone.

ABV: 5%



The Patsy, Rye Stout | Barley Forge Brewing Co., Costa Mesa, CA

Coming off the high-profile 1st overall pick last year, the Rams can only hope Jared Goff finds his way and they can turn their franchise around. Given they have no pick in the first round, the Patsy Stout seemed befitting the blame game in LA. The Patsy is a coconut rye stout brewed with two-row malt and English specialty malts. This creates a medium-bodied beer with a rye spiciness a balanced with chocolate, espresso and the expected signature coconut.

ABV: 6.6%



Windvane Red IPA | Bad Weather Brewing Co., St. Paul

Bad weather, bad luck, bad draft position...and the list goes on for the Vikings, who have no first-round pick in 2017 and a question mark for Teddy Bridgewater's recovery. Best solution – Windvane Red IPA. This American amber red ale is a year-round staple of the St. Paul brewery and a great way to get through a brutal season and a first round with no pick. Pouring a deep brilliant red, look for a hoppy bitterness with piney, citrus and resinous flavors.

ABV: 6%



Purple Haze, Raspberry Lager | Abita Brewing Co., Abita Springs, LA

When you land your team a dependable cornerstone like Drew Brees, you don't let go. The same can be said for Abita's Purple Haze Raspberry Lager. This standout year-round performer is brewed with pilsner and wheat malts as well as big Vanguard hops. The raspberries add a fruity aroma and a tart, sweet taste that is perfect for hot days and hotter nights in the bayou.

ABV: 4.2% • IBU: 13



Double Barrel Jesus, Double Imperial Stout | Evil Twin Brewing, New York

While there is nothing sweet about picking at 23 in the first round, Double Barrel Jesus Imperial Stout may be a suitable substitution. This Stout is thick and motor-oil black. With a nose that is pure chocolate fudge and palate and mouthfeel that deliver darker fruits and subtle barrel aging. This Stout is all about the chocolate (and the 12% ABV is no slouch either).

ABV: 12%


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Light Bohemian Blonde | Manayunk Brewery, Philadelphia

At 7-9, Carson Wentz showed great promise as a rookie while also revealing he liked Coors Light. While there's nothing wrong with that, he might love a local gem of Philly from Manayunk Brewery called Light Bohemian Blonde. The lightest of the light brews, this is a crisp, flavorful blonde. A slow fermentation allows for a clean beer with a smooth finish balanced by just the right amount of German hops.

ABV: 3.4% • IBU: 18



Immortal IPA, English-style IPA | Elysian Brewing, Seattle

Picking number 26 in the first round, the Seahawks will have to show discipline when choosing their biggest needs at tackle. No beer is more disciplined than the English-style IPA and Elysian Brewing has one of the best in their Immortal IPA. Employing Pale, Munich, Crystal and Cara-hell malts as well as a distinct bitterness from Chinook, Amarillo and Centennial hops, this is a unique Northwest interpretation of a classic English style IPA.

ABV: 6.3% • IBU: 62



Anchor Steam Beer | Anchor Brewing Co., San Francisco

Anchor Steam is considered one of the first true microbrewers in the U.S. Their process once used the cool coastal nights to chill open-air fermenters. Unlike the modern-day 49ers franchise, this classic has had a consistent level of success that shows no sign of stopping. Crisp and smooth, the medium-bodied amber-colored beer is easy to drink and easy to make a mainstay for any tailgate.

ABV: 4.90%



305 Golden Ale | M.I.A. Beer Co., Doral, FL

The name 305 Golden Ale sounds like a perfect audible to be barked out in the line of fire. Picking at 19, don't look for Tampa to audible on draft day – it's all about high-impact D-Line talent for the Bucs. A light and crisp session golden ale brewed with a touch of West Coast hops, this 'goldie' is extremely smooth with a refined and dry finish and clean mouthfeel.

ABV: 5% • IBU: 10


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