Pro Football Weekly's NFL power rankings entering Week 6

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Pro Football Weekly’s Power Rankings are updated every Tuesday during the NFL’s regular season and are intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date.

Rankings will change each week due to personnel changes, injuries and performance on the field, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come. Rankings will fluctuate a great deal more the first few weeks of the season as teams seek their levels and schedules balance out.

These are PFW’s Power Rankings following Week 5 as teams head into the sixth weekend of regular season games.

Rank/Team/Record/The Skinny

1. Chiefs: 5-0

They actually seem to keep getting better

2. Packers: 4-1

Rodgers is in a league of his own

3. Falcons: 3-1

Rested, have to prove Bills was just a blip

4. Panthers: 4-1

Looking more and more like 2015 NFC Champs

5. Broncos: 3-1

No questions on “D;” do they have enough “O?”

6. Patriots: 3-2

Now have to prove “D” can keep it up

7. Seahawks: 3-2

Pedigree and “D” stop Rams, O-line still a mess

8. Eagles: 4-1

Starting to run low on questions here

9. Jaguars: 3-2

Will the real Jaguars please stand up?

10. Steelers: 3-2

Can’t believe Big Ben is that far gone

11. Lions: 3-2

Not bad at all but can they get better?

12. Bills: 3-2

Hard to see Taylor taking them much further

13. Washington: 2-2

Handful of plays away from being very good

14. Rams: 3-2

Not quite ready for prime time yet

15. Ravens: 3-2

When they can run the ball they can win

16. Cowboys: 2-3

Same old story, not enough “D”

17. Raiders: 2-3

More wrong here than just the Carr injury

18. Texans: 2-3

Watt, Mercilus done for season, Texans too?

19. Titans: 2-3

Mariota hurt, but they're still badly underperforming

20. Vikings: 3-2

Bradford knee bad, Vikes mediocre without him

21. Dolphins: 2-2

Notched must-win but offense got worse

22. Bucs: 2-2

Lots of nice pieces but need to learn how to win

23. Saints: 2-2

Was “D” vs. Panthers, Dolphins real thing?

24. Bengals: 2-3

Trending up but Dalton has to play better

25. Cardinals: 2-3

Age, injuries have made them very mediocre

26. Jets: 3-2

Playing well but talent doesn’t match record

27. Colts: 2-3

Poor, but a whole different team with Luck

28. Chargers: 1-4

Big step backwards with rookie coach

29. Bears: 1-4

Injuries decimate “D,” offense a bit of a joke

30. Giants: 0-5

All over this year, what’s next for Eli?

31. 49ers: 0-5

Four quality losses, but still 0-5

32. Browns: 0-5

They shoot horses, don’t they?

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