PFW's final Power Rankings of 2017-18 season

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1. Patriots (15-3) What do they have left to prove?

2. Eagles (15–3) Foles may not be starter but better than backup

3. Falcons (11-7) Just got untracked a little too late

4. Jaguars (12-7) So what do they do about Bortles now?

5. Steelers (13-4) Not sure why Haley’s the fall guy but still loaded

6. Vikings (14-4) Defense gave up 62 points in final 5 quarters

7. Saints (12-6) Vikes' no-show in Philly makes them feel worse

8. Panthers (11-6) How many top assistants can Rivera lose?

9. Rams (11-6) What will it take to make Aaron Donald happy?

10. Chiefs (10-7) Are they foolish enough to unload Smith?

11. Chargers (9-7) Already being picked as next year’s Jaguars

12. Titans (10-8) Mularkey axe made sense, but is Vrabel better?

13. Ravens (9-7) Will 1 play short of playoffs hide obvious issues?

14. Seahawks (9-7) May need too much work to rebuild on the fly

15. Packers (7-9) So much change, keeping A-Rod healthy enough?

16. Bills (9-8) Made playoffs but is this a playoff team?

17. Lions (9-7) Are they more than a RB and a pass rush away?

18. Cowboys (9-7) For a 9-7 club, an awful lot of missing pieces

19. 49ers (6-10) Garoppolo’s for real, but most of the roster is not

20. Raiders (6-10) Won’t be AFC’s best, will be the most interesting

21. Bears (5-11) May win offseason but can they win games?

22. Bengals (7-9) Don’t see how bringing Marvin back is a plus

23. Cardinals (8-8) How is Steve Wilks better than James Bettcher?

24. Washington (7-9) Hear Cousins gone; if so, competitiveness is too

25. Dolphins (6-10) Can Ryan Tannehill carry this team?

26. Broncos (5-11) Not the only problem but next QB is the key

27. Jets (5-11) Wish I understood what these guys are doing

28. Bucs (5-11) How much do you trust Jameis Winston?

29. Texans (4-12) With any kind of health, 2018’s most improved

30. Colts (4-12) Looks like McDaniels is making big bet on Luck

31. Giants (3-13) Shurmur may make Eli look good but for how long?

32. Browns (0-16) Haley interesting hire, still have 0-16 head coach

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