Trade Odell Beckham Jr.? Here are 8 teams that could be interested

If the Giants make OBJ available, there would be no shortage of suitors

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It has been the year of the trade so far in the NFL, and we can't help but think there might be more big ones coming down the line.

Is Odell Beckham Jr. suddenly available? If so, it would be the biggest trade yet in 2018. New York Giants owner John Mara said dealing Beckham wasn’t the team’s first preference, but given the receiver's baggage and looming contract status, it would be foolish to rule out such a possibility. Given the chance to, Mara left the door open to the possibility, and a new Giants power structure certainly lends credence to the idea that it could happen — especially with Beckham reportedly considering a holdout.

So which teams might be interested in his services? A lot. His talent is too good, even if teams attempting to swing a deal must take the old "buyer beware" approach. Here are some teams we think might be willing to consider trading for Beckham:

1. Cleveland Browns

It works on so many levels. First off, few teams possess the draft-pick ammo that the Browns do, and new GM John Dorsey never has been afraid to make controversial and risky moves. The team sent a message with a slew of deals before the start of free agency to let everyone know they're not messing around, and trading for Beckham would be more than just the icing on the cake — it would be the lady jumping out of the cake slathered in icing. Or something like that. Beckham is tight with Jarvis Landry, back to their LSU days together, and the Giants receiver made a plea on Twitter for his current team to swing a deal for his boy on the trade deadline last season: "AYYYYYYEEEE OVER HERE OVER HERE !!! Gimme my brother back," he wrote.

Granted, trying to pay both of them would be ... interesting. But with Tyrod Taylor's contract expiring after this year, a rookie QB salary on the books the next three-plus years and ample cap space for the foreseeable future, it wouldn't be the wildest thing ever, financially speaking. In 2018 dollars, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are spending more than $35 million on their wide receivers — nearly 22 percent of their salary cap.

Let's assume the Browns ship Corey Coleman and assets to the Giants in such a deal. Lord only can imagine what a Beckham-Landry-Josh Gordon trio would do on the field (and more brain explosion for imagining what might happen off it with those guys). It's absurd and wonderful at the same time. Which is why we fully endorse the idea.

2. Los Angeles Rams

A bold offseason would go nuclear if they could swing a deal for Beckham. Oh sure, assets are a bit lean right now following the trades to land Jared Goff and Marcus Peters, but we can't help but imagine Beckham landing in L.A. for one of the more progressive offensive systems going. Losing Sammy Watkins? Uh yeah, we wouldn't worry too much about that one all of a sudden.

File this one under "possible," but they still have to pay Aaron Donald and all that — and reportedly remain in contention for Ndamukong Suh. There would be a few obstacles to getting Beckham to the Rams, but it's the kind of showcase move that a team knocking on the doorstep and moving into a shiny new stadium in a few years might consider.

3. San Francisco 49ers

Like the Rams, the 49ers have been as progressive and fun a team the past year as there has been in the league. They have their franchise quarterback locked up, so why not give him a go-to receiver? We easily could envision Jimmy Garoppolo and Beckham making some sweet tunes together.

To steal a line from my colleague, Arthur Arkush, the John Lynch-Kyle Shanahan duo might be the new John Schneider and Pete Carroll — ready, willing and able to take big cuts when they get their at-bats. The 49ers have a little momentum now and could just slam on the gas with this type of acquisition.

A side note: If this ever happened, would any franchise be able to top the all-time greatness the 49ers have fielded at wide receiver — Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, Dwight Clark ... and possibly Beckham?

4. Miami Dolphins

Wouldn't that be something? Trade Landry, only to turn around and land Beckham. What a story that would be. Are we betting it happens? Not at all.

Just on the surface, trading one diva receiver because you don't want to pay him and then going out and getting another who wants to be paid even more (and deserves more) doesn't hold a lot of water.

But this is the Dolphins, maker of rash and sometimes head-scratching moves, and it's also a team that likes to stay busy and in the news cycle and appear relevant this time of year. Cap woes be damned, they certainly can't be counted out for such a trade.

And if they're serious about making a move to land Baker Mayfield, too, well whatever their draft -pick situation would be — who cares? That's a team I'd have my eyes on.

5. Seattle Seahawks

This feels like a bit of a stretch, too, and yet this would be the type of move that we'd never have put past them not too long ago. Of course, that was pre-roster cleansing, with Marshawn Lynch, Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman gone and others possibly to follow.

Like most teams on this list, there are financial worries that make trading for Beckham a real stretch. And in the same vein, what's the point of getting rid of a slew of proverbial "distraction" players and then going out and getting one really big one?

We can only dream of what a Beckham-Doug Baldwin duo might accomplish with Russell Wilson at the trigger. That's a setup any offensive coordinator worth his salt would drool over. It also might be the kind of thing that only exists in fantasy football or in our trade-obsessed minds — for now.

6. Los Angeles Chargers

Want to fill that sandbox of a stadium, Chargers? Then go get the perfect playmate for it. Imagine: Philip Rivers in his twilight throwing to Beckham, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Hunter Henry and Melvin Gordon. Whew, boy.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

Look, it's not happening. But just think about a Le'Veon Bell-for-Beckham swap for a minute.

Are you done cleaning up the pieces of exploded brain parts? Good.

Draft-proposal columns, by and large, are fun and silly and wonderful and really, highly unlikely. And swapping one talented contract mess for another falls right in line with this type of discourse. It's not the most unlikely thing I've even thrown against the wall, but it's also not something I am counting on either.

8. Dallas Cowboys

Bye bye, Dez ... hello, Odell? Any time a marquee talent hits the trade market, you'd be crazy not to include the Cowboys in the list of possible suitors. Of course, the Giants likely have a list of teams they'd never deal with on something this big — and you'd have to imagine the Cowboys would be at or near the top.

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