Pro Football Weekly's Week 1 Power Rankings

Patriots and Chiefs atop our first regular-season list, but NFC heavyweights fill 7 of next 10 spots

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1. Patriots — Seemingly even less annual hand-wringing over their imminent fall this year than usual.
2. Chiefs — If "Shady" is still the real McCoy, Andy Reid will rediscover him in this offense.
3. Eagles — NFL's best roster still needs a healthy Carson Wentz for a full season.
4. Saints — Drew Brees gets benefit of the doubt after rough Dec./Jan. with support that may be stronger.

5. Bears — All the kicker paralysis by analysis was because there aren't a lot of other issues.
6. Chargers — Red flags in form of James/Okung injuries, Gordon holdout a bit disconcerting.
7. Rams — Did NFL figure out McVay offense? Probably not. But Gurley's knee, O-line turnover new questions.
8. Texans — Tunsil isn't cure-all and Houston's future resources thin but strong favorite in suddenly turbulent South.
9. Seahawks — Hard not to admire the shrewd offseason plan to quickly overhaul defensive front.

10. Browns — Would be higher based on talent alone, but let's see what Freddie Kitchens can do.
11. Cowboys — Like the Texans, Dallas much better on paper if Zeke's back, but at what cost?
12. Vikings — How fast can new O-line jell? Asking for friends concerned with Kirk Cousins' safety.
13. Steelers — Our biggest internal divide: Ranking the Steelers after their internal divides.
14. Packers — Will the real Aaron Rodgers please stand up? If so, they're contenders again.
15. Falcons — If young stars return to full health, they're dangerous. If not, DQ's job security will be.
16. Colts — After Frank Reich watched Nick Foles' work miracles, can Jacoby Brissett?
17. Ravens — Defense likely to take a step back, making Lamar's step forward the key.

18. Panthers — With Cam's uncertain health, very difficult team to get a bead on.
19. Jaguars — If division suddenly up for grabs, have talented Jaguars matured enough to seize it?
20. Titans — Marcus Mariota is the least desirable quarterback in a division with two new ones.
21. Broncos — We have zero doubts about what Vic will do on 'D' but seriously doubt Joe Flacco is offense's answer.
22. 49ers — Exciting upgrades up front on 'D' but not enough to mask secondary deficiencies.
23. Jets — In a different division, we'd be more bullish but still expect a big jump from Darnold.
24. Bills — We like Buffalo's roster better than Gang Green's but much prefer Darnold to Allen.
25. Giants — If Eli surprises, Big Blue likely will too, but we're on Daniel Jones watch.
26. Lions — They spent a ton and Stafford should steady, but the division is simply loaded.

27. Raiders — More talented? No question. Can Gruden harness it? We're not seeing it.
28. Buccaneers — Big-strike offense with poor O-line and reckless QB ... and that's the good unit.
29. Bengals — After 16 years of Lewis, will they have same patience as Taylor inherits a rebuild?
30. Washington — With an awful QB incubator, they might be doing Haskins a favor starting Case.
31. Cardinals — They'll be fun to watch but this looked like NFL's worst roster in preseason until ...
32. Dolphins —Fitting that they're the NFL's most obvious tank job yet, right?
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