Pro Football Weekly's Week 3 Power Rankings

Ravens and Niners soar up rankings, while injuries ravage Saints, Steelers and Panthers

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1. Patriots — AB looked amazing in Pats debut, but it was an uncomfortable watch.

2. Chiefs — What other offense can lose Tyreek Hill and not slow down at all?

3. Rams — Week 2 two-fer: crush Saints while simultaneously becoming NFC favorite.

4. Cowboys — We should be talking about their offensive coordinator Moore.

5. Packers — Green Bay flexed some frightening newfound balance on rival Vikes.

6. Ravens – Bad opponents, but Lamar and that ‘D’ have our full attention now.

7. Seahawks — A 2-0-work-in-progress with an unflappable MVP-caliber QB/head coach.

8. Chargers — With all of their injuries, none loomed larger than missing kicker in Detroit.

9. Bears — Biggest development in win No. 1 arguably Matt Nagy’s willingness to adjust.

10. Eagles — How they emerge from bloodletting in Atlanta concerns us more than the loss.

11. 49ers — Tough team to wrap our arms around but hard to argue with two impressive road wins.

12. Bills — Josh Allen and the offense should only get better, and defense is already terrific.

13. Texans — Hoped for a few more style points vs. Jacksonville and fewer hits on Deshaun Watson.

14. Vikings — There’s one glaring issue and 84 million reasons to be wholly concerned about it.

15. Saints — Thought long and hard about putting Teddy’s Saints (for now) ahead of Cousins’ Vikings.

16. Colts — We told you this team would pluck despite no Luck, and the ‘D’ showed up this week.

17. Titans — Disappointing encore for Mariota and the offense vs. Colts team that Tennessee has handled.

18. Falcons — If Atlanta needed its season saved in Week 2, was there any doubt it’d be Julio to rescue?

19. Lions — It hasn’t been pretty, but they showed us something in upsetting the Bolts shorthanded.

20. Browns — Baker-OBJ fireworks, far more disciplined in getting back to .500; O-line still worrisome.

21. Bucs — Familiar: Jameis going from awful to great in a week. Unfamiliar and exciting: ‘D’ a thing again in Tampa with Bowles.

22. Raiders — Improved talent is apparent but three good quarters vs. Chiefs not enough.

23. Steelers — Big Ben injury crushing but Rudolph can play — and Minkah trade reflects Steelers’ belief.

24. Broncos —Stunning loss vs. former team aptly illustrates Fangio’s “death by inches” catchphrase.

25. Panthers — It was obvious Thursday Cam isn’t Cam. Now, he’s down and Panthers nearly out of lives.

26. Jaguars — Two weeks, two embarrassing reminders that Jacksonville still more immature than talented.

27. Bengals — They were as unimpressive at home in defeat to Niners as they were impressive losing in Seattle.

28. Giants — We’re moving them up for finally conceding that the future is now and it’s Daniel Jones.

29. Washington — It’ll be interesting to see after a few more losses whether Jay Gruden elevates Haskins.

30. Cardinals — Yes, Kliff and Kyler must start faster, but they’ve shown competitiveness quicker than we thought.

31. Jets — First, mono for Darnold, then season-ending ankle injury for Siemian — not Gang Green’s year, again?

32. Dolphins — Not-so-obvious potential tanking pitfall: retaining the few players one actually wants.

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